Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feeling the burn

Training for the Disney half-marathon officially begins next week, so I decided to take this week to use up my groupon at a local fitness club.  The club is geared towards boxing but they offer all types of classes like TRX, zumba, and a little class called intensity. 

Tuesday I took a Zumba class which is one of my great loves since I grew up my whole life dancing and my legs were surprisingly sore yesterday.  However, I still decided to take the Intensity class last night... BIG MISTAKE!  Let’s just say I can't walk, lift my arms, or bend from side to side without making a little squealing noise from the pain.  Now I know this is the "good" pain like I know I didn't strain anything but man does it hurt. 

So what is Intensity???  Basically it is Tae-Bo on crack, the instructor owns the club and runs it like a boot camp, heavily motivating you the whole way through and pushing your body to its limits.  There are no weights, props, or machines the whole thing is a mix of plyometrics, kickboxing, and basic movements like squats and lunges.  Also there are about 40 people in the room so the temperature alone is enough to make you want to give up, and to make you sweat like a pig.  The really cool part though is that at nights the class is called "Club Intensity" because the instructor also acts as a DJ on a real DJ booth and turns the lights off and has a mix of club like lights going along with the music.  The energy in the room is enough to keep you going for the full hour!

So today I am going to take it easy, do some elliptical and get a good stretch in so that I can hopefully move a little easier tomorrow lol

Oh and the one and only Ms. Britney Spears came on my Pandora yesterday and I decided that this photo is officially my new motivation.  Now I know she has photoshop, trainers, chefs, and whatever else she wants but why not have some awesome motivation to keep me eating right and working my butt off!!

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