Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All about the food

I love food, I love making it, eating it, and sharing it!  But sometimes that can get me in trouble.  Now I have been blessed to have a pretty naturally slim frame, however; I do have to keep myself in check.  Every year I tend to flucuate up or down in about a 10-15 lb range, basically enough so that I never have to buy new pants HA.  For me it is mainly about feeling good about how I look, there is no better feeling then looking in the mirror or slipping on a pair of pants and feeling good about yourself. 

Now I don't beleive in diets, since well they work for a hot minute then just go away so for the next and well I am never really good at sticking to them.  I don't have a little thing called willpower when it comes to my food so I tend to fail whenever someone has any type of sweet or tasty morsel!  So here are a few of my key tricks to help me get back on the healthy eating bandwagon.

1) I use my APP:  So since I do splurge every once and awhile I have gotten really good about using the MyFitnessPal APP for my phone. It works well for me because lets say I do give into an office donut in the morning I can add it to my app and then adjust my eating for the rest of the day to keep me on track. 

2) I plan: I tend to make a lot of lists and a lot of plans, and they really to help keep me on track.  Planning out most of my meals for the week gives me the ability to plan and prepare ahead of time to prevent last minute quick foods like pasta or going out.  Once I make my plan I make a grocery list and then make ahead anything that I can.

Last night for example I made a big batch of quinoa that I can throw onto salads, into soups, and eat with veggies as a great side.  I also chopped up all of my veggies for quick salads and omelets!

3) I pack my meals:  going out or picking up breakfast/lunch on the work weeks not only kills my wallet but also my calorie intake.  So everynight I pack my meals.  Breakfast is often oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, cottage cheese, or even just a protein bar.  Lunch is anything that is left over, salads, flatout wraps with tuna or other meats, soups, and then sides like fruit, veggies, string cheese, or low cal crackers. 

> Breakfast: An oatmeal smoothie (recipe to come in another post) which was surprisingly good, although it was a little odd to eat my smoothie with a spoon lol

< Lunch: Quinoa, spinach, feta cheese, and craisins.  Sounds kinda odd but this is actually one of my favorite lunches

4) I stock:  Again with that willpower thing, whenever I am in the mood for a snack I am the first one to run to a candy dish or to the vending machine.  And at home I will grab whatever sounds tasty in the cabinets.  So I make sure that I only stock my cabinets and desk with healthy but still tasty things.  For savory I love Ranch and BBQ mini rice cakes (maybe a little too much) and for sweet I love teddy grahams or apple cinnamon rice cakes with PB.  So I make sure to always have them on hand.

5) I enjoy myself:  If I am going to put in this much work most of the time I will let myself enjoy anything I want sometimes.  If the BF and I want to make an awesome pasta dinner, or go out and grab pizza I will.  There is no point in not enjoying food or the fun things in life like parties or potlucks.  I try about 90% of the time and for me that is good enough!  Lets hope I can now keep it up for a few weeks and feel a little better slipping into my skinny jeans!

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